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At Ellcan Electric, we start all jobs with customer satisfaction in mind. When you call us, you can be confident that you will get the best service in town. Our fully trained staff will bring you peace of mind, knowing that your family and home is in good hands.

We take pride in our service and professionalism. We thoroughly screen and evaluate all our residential electricians on their abilities and their character, so you can be assured that you and your belongings are safe.

Our residential electricians are always respectful and courteous. They are well groomed and professionally dressed with company shirts or uniform.

We use only professional grade materials and the best products to assure you a long and safe service life. Our electricians have one goal - to do the job right and to not cut corners. We won't use inferior materials. We expect all our electricians to take pride in their work. We believe that quality installations backed by superior service provides real value.

Regardless of the size and scope of your project or service, we will approach the job with the same meticulous service and professionalism. Here are just some of our residential services:

• Service upgrades, relocations
• Panel installations and service
• Grounding and bonding
• Surge protection
• Renovation and additions
• Old house rewiring
• Electrical design
• Lighting design and installations
• Floor heating
• Baseboard heating
• Heat pumps and electric furnaces
• Hot tubs, jacuzzis, saunas
• Stand by generators, transfer switches and panels
• Home automation
• Home entertainment and home theatre design and build solutions
• Flat screen mounting and wiring
• Phones and computer networking 
• Repairs & maintenance of electrical fittings
• Additional fixtures & fittings, dimmers and breakers

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Twenty years ago most people could only dream of opening their car door with a remote control. Ten years ago live video over a mobile phone was unheard of. Living in a house that's not automated is like opening a car door with a key, or watching TV without a remote control - you just do not realize it yet.

Home automation is the ability to control devices such as lighting, air conditioning, heating, appliances, audio & video, security surveillance, and almost any other electrical device in the home or office environment with very little or no human interference.

Home Automation is the perfect addition to any home. Imagine pressing a "Welcome Home" button on a remote control as you pull into your driveway and having your pathway, front porch and hallway lights turn on. Your air conditioner begins to warm or cool your living room, and your favourite music stars playing throughout your house. And that's just the beginning. Imagine a "Goodnight" button that turns everything off when you go to bed, and a "Watch DVD" button that activates your home cinema and dims your lights when you watch a movie. The best news is that you can have it!

Whether you are building a new home or want to enhance your existing home, Ellcan Electric can design a system that suits you, automating everyday simple tasks, improving quality of life and reducing stress levels. With today's technology and Ellcan Electric as your Home Automation designer and installer, you can have your fully automated home, and be more relaxed with a home automation system you have cleverly invested in. You can even start small and add to the system as your lifestyle changes.

Have a look at some residential installations:


The Electrical Service is at the heart of most every home. There are plenty of aspects in which changes and additions to your service can benefit your home, comfort, and safety;

  • Upgrade for more power, more reliable branch circuit protection and a more consistent voltage.

  • Relocate and/or convert from overhead to underground, just because you need it doesn’t mean you have to see it.

  • Incorporate a natural gas stand-by generator with an automatic transfer switch into your distribution (during an outage the transfer is made seamlessly).

  • Upgrade your grounding and bonding, it is important and can prevent transient voltage and shocks.

  • Protect your appliances and electronics with the installation of a surge protection device.

  • New service installation, no electrical at all and are interested in getting onto the grid.


There are plenty of applications in which exterior wiring can benefit your home and comfort;

  • Accent lighting for the face and foreground of your home, highlighting your landscaping and architecture for a warm welcoming curb appeal.

  • Transform your backyard into your own personal Mecca or entertainers’ platform with some recessed lighting, water features, pathway lighting, heating and even audio and video.

  • Increased security and safety with deterrent lighting, powered gates, hard wired or wireless surveillance.

  • Never shovel snow or salt ice again with the installation of driveway and walkway heating circuits.

The applications in which interior wiring and integrated controls and lighting can benefit your home and comfort are limited only by your imagination, in the kitchen for example;

  • Recessed lighting for general area lighting, under cabinet task lighting (blue LED), inside glass cabinet puck lighting, above cabinet valence lighting (white LED), door activated switch to free up an extra hand in the pantry, suspended island pendant fixtures, dining room wall sconces.

  • Floor heat under tiles to keep your toes nice and toasty, instant hot water at your fingertips.

  • Custom and built-in appliances plate warmers, filtration systems, etc.

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A Licensed Electrician is approved by the government of Canada and has fulfilled all education, training and testing requirements. A bond is an insurance policy for which the contractor pays a premium. It guarantees that the contractor will meet his obligations in a satisfactory manner. Failure to do so should result in the payment of compensation by the bonding company. Professional organizations award Electrician Certification to those who meet educational and experience requirements and who successfully demonstrate their knowledge through a certification exam. Details to go here. Areas include Downtown Vancouver, East Vancouver, South Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Richmond, Langley